I was born in 1979 in Zagreb, Croatia.
My whole life I was surrounded by artists in my family, and very early I started to be involved in art as well, that later I changed into design. At the age of fifteen I chose metal design as my life profession.
After finishing "School of Arts and Crafts" in Zagreb ( metal design department ) silver became my favourite material. Silver in combination with patchwork of colours as a result gives a unique style form. Years of self-learning and specialized courses followed, and today my jewellery can be found at a several locations in Croatia.
If you would like your own piece designed that fits your personality you can contact me through these pages.

My jewellery is cognizable original,somethimes slightly quirky.
Extravagant but always stylish.
A typical piece of my jewellery has a natural shape and clear lines.
Each piece is unique and becomes a part of a person who's wearing it.
That sort of jewellery is not something that you wouldl wear and after some time get bored with. It's a jewellery for a lifetime and wearing it you just can't stay unnoticed.